How to Reconnect a Smart Light Switch that Has Lost Connection

If you have a smart light switch that doesn’t work, it’s probably lost internet connection for some reason. In almost all cases, this problem is easy to fix.

We’re going to go over some common causes and how to reconnect your Smart Switch.

What Causes Smart Switch to Disconnect?

Smart switches are among the best products for increasing the IQ of your home, but they depend on a wireless Internet connection to function correctly. When this connection is interrupted, the Switch may stop responding to voice or app commands. You may also notice that the LED on the switch turns red or blinks.

In order for the switch to work properly, you must first troubleshoot the problem and identify the cause of the disconnection. Fortunately, disconnects only happen for one of a few reasons.

advanced internet tools

Often, a Smart Switch will stop working due to incompatible Wi-Fi. Many newer routers use a 5GHz signal by default, which means some older 2.4GHz switches won’t connect after a router upgrade.

In this case, you’ll either need to turn off 5GHz or replace the old 2.4GHz switch. In the same vein, if you’ve moved your router, the switch may now be out of range. Consider moving your router to a more central location so it can serve all of your smart devices. If your home is large, consider using multiple routers to avoid lapses in coverage.

power cut

If your switch stopped working after a recent storm or other power outage, this is probably the reason. Not only can power outages affect smart home components, but power surges can damage your router as well. When this happens, you’ll need to fix the router before resetting your smart light switch.

internet outage

This is another common reason for Smart Switch to be capricious. When you find that your light switch is offline, you should check to make sure that your Internet connection is still working. While this seems like common sense, you’d be surprised how often a spotty Internet connection is to blame for a switch that refuses to work.

wireless password change

If you’ve recently changed your router password, you’ll need to update your Switch’s Wi-Fi credentials in order to reconnect it to your home network.

Resetting old passwords is an essential part of having a secure network, but Wi-Fi password changes can wreak havoc on smart home products. Before you change your Wi-Fi password, consider the number of devices you’ll need to reconnect when you make the change.

internal equipment malfunction

If you’ve purchased cheap light switches from some discount retailer, the switches may have gone bad internally. Sometimes, the low prices of these units reflect sub-par manufacturing.

When planning to upgrade your home with smart lighting, it’s always better to buy products from a trusted manufacturer with a comprehensive warranty—especially when dealing with electrical products connected to your home’s wiring.

Smart Life and Casa are two leading manufacturers of smart home products, including smart light switches, which are highly rated for ease of installation, compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant, and app control. As with any smart home product purchase, we recommend reading consumer reviews before pulling the trigger on a smart light switch.

recent firmware updates

Sometimes, updating the firmware on a Smart Switch will cause the unit to lose access to your Wi-Fi network. When this happens, a quick reset should get the Switch working again. The steps to reset a Smart Switch vary by manufacturer, but they usually involve holding down a button until it changes color. A quick Google search will get you there: “how to reset smart light switch” followed by your manufacturer’s name (eg, Casa, Smart Life, Eaton).

In most cases, you will not need to replace a malfunctioning smart switch. However, if your switch shows visible damage, such as burn marks, or you smell burning plastic near the unit, you need to replace your light switch. You should also always replace switches that trip electrical breakers.

If any of these signs are present, consult an electrician immediately, as there may be a wiring problem in your home. If you’re not seeing any signs of damage, you can usually get by with a simple Smart Switch reset to reconnect your device.

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